Ed Kozun III    Owner/President


Ed began his career in finance right after graduating from Texas A & M University with a position as a financial advisor with EQ Equitable in 1993. It was a productive time for Ed but after ten years with the company he became more and more convinced that his clients would be better served by an independent financial advisor.

So he made the leap. 

Ed founded Kozun Capital Management in 2003 and was driven even then by the pursuit of superior returns, preservation of capital, and empowering clients with the confidence to succeed.

Ed is a voracious researcher of the markets, the industry, and all that entails in order to provide clients with the level of expertise and service that they deserve.  He is also a prodigious investigator and reader of life in general, though you might not be able to tell this based on the reading materials in his office.  He sometimes has to be reminded that there are other books out there besides thick finance tomes. 

Time spent outside of the office is time spent running, hiking, surfing (when he can get away), playing chess, playing the guitar, and generally pursuing all that life has to offer. The majority of his time though is time with his family.

Give him a call and let’s see if he can’t bring some confidence and well being to your financial life. 


Joe Kozun    Operations                                                                                                                                


Joe did not begin his career in finance right after graduating from the University of Texas; his road was a bit more meandering.  He did work for a period with Ed in the mid-2000s, in between pursuits of other goals, but the road eventually led back to him joining Ed at Kozun Capital Management in 2011, where he has remained ever since.

Joe would say his career still isn't in finance. His focus is on operations, removing from Ed's desk what doesn't need to be there, and continuing to cut through the clutter in order to find new and better ways to serve Kozun Capital Management's clients. His best financial advice "Let me set you up with a meeting with Ed Kozun."

Outside of work, he reads, so please don't hesitate to offer a suggestion on a good book.

Representatives We Partner With


David Paladino   Registered Investment Advisor


Having gone through the internet crash of 2000 and the mortgage crisis of 2007-2009, David brings a tremendous amount of experience and understands the importance of managing risk.

He believes in taking a thorough organic approach to building relationships in order to serve his client's best interest.
He is passionate about educating his clients giving them the confidence to choose the most suitable investments to fit their needs. He is a constant student of the markets always looking to uncover undervalued situations.

David has a love for music and has played bass professionally for over 20 years. Growing up in New York and living in Austin, he has shared the stage with Grammy award winning artists.   He also is very passionate about health and nutrition.

Feel free to call me so we can get you on your way to a healthy sustainable financial future.